Hurray for my favourite author Hilary Mantel, who I met on the plane between Stockholm and London last night, and who today becomes a dame, after writing some of the most insightful books, such as Wolf Hall and Bringing up the Bodies . Probing into the the corruptive forces of absolute power, but also human tenderness, love given and love lost, now officially becomes a Dame, saluted for her literary work.

So bumped into her, and told her how much I enjoy her writing, after I had moderated Spelplanen and she had made interviews with Swedish media

Her hubby took the picture. They are both supersweet and humble people IRL.

Am also enjoying the BBC TV series enormously.

Lessons to be learned for today? Centralised power stinks big time. Look at Putin. Look at federalistic ideas for the EU. For humans to be our best- this goes for all of us- we need a balance of powers, vocalized opposition and a flow of ideas.

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