About Maria Borelius

Maria Borelius is an award-winning science journalist, entrepreneur and author to a range of popular science books within medicine and health. In her authorship Maria is currently active with the bestseller Health Revolution (2018) that’s so far been/is going to be released in Sweden, Denmark, Finland, the UK, USA, Canada, Australia, Germany, Italy, Poland and Norway. Only in Sweden the book has been sold in over 100 000 copies.

Furthermore, Maria Borelius is a columnist in Sweden’s leading financial newspaper Dagens industri, and works as a communications consultant to scientific institutions, pharmaceutical companies and tech organizations globally. She is one of the founders of The Ester Foundation, that supports marginalized immigrant women’s journey towards self-employment. She is a board member of the medical solutions company Obstecare, the University of Lund’s entrepreneurs incubator Ideon Innovation, as well as the British think tank Open Europe. Maria has previously been a science reporter, anchor woman and editor for different Swedish TV programs. She’s also held the position of Minister of Commerce in Sweden and CEO of the global microfinance organization Hand in Hand International. She holds a degree in Biology, Physics and Mathematics and a masters degree in Science Journalism. Since 2000 she lives in Great Britain.


  • 2018 – Health Inspirer of the Year (Topphälsa)
  • 2018 – Health Hero of the Year (1.6 Million Club)
  • 2016 – Social Entrepreneur of the Year (Spiltan’s Social Entrepreneurs Award)
  • 2002 – Lars Johan Hiertas stipend from Publicistklubben for studying stem cell research, DNA technology and neurogenomics
  • 1997 – The Breast Feed Help organisation’s breast prize 
  • 1994 – The Cancer Foundation’s journalist prize


More about Maria Borelius involvements:

Columnist in Dagens industri, Swedish leading financial newspaper

“I passionately believe in humanity’s freedom, curiosity and community. One of my largest driving forces is to drive conversations that contribute to growing people, companies and societies. That’s why I write frequently in Dagens industri about how society at large profits from a powerful entrepreneurial climate, cutting edge research and an open attitude to new thinking. 

After many years abroad and being active on the international business arena, I’ve met the growing Africa and Asia but also the deepest poverty and those who aren’t part of the developing world yet. It’s deeply affected me and made me realize that questions surrounding human freedom and development have to be driven persistently and inclusively. Hard issues always have a soft core and vice versa. 

It’s great fun writing in Dagens industri. Thinking readers that give a lot of feedback. Furthermore, the day I stop trying to develop or make a difference will be a serious infraction of my conviction.” 

Maria Borelius’ column in Dagens industri comes out every third Thursday per month.


Communications consultant

My consultant team works to create sustainable knowledge based growth, and tackle communicative challenges, with specialist talent within science, business and global development. We work in the boundary between communication and complex research, and convey strategic and creative ideas that create businesses and affect the general debate. Our clients can be found amongst pharmaceutical companies, energy companies, research institutions and foundations as well as nisched investors. We have experience from working in Europe, the US, Africa as well as parts of Asia and help our clients with:

  • Challenges – analysis and strategic counseling
  • Solutions – creative and effective strategies 
  • Action – planning and implementation: event, advocacy, public relations 


Board of Directors assignments

Open Europe – Board Member
Open Europe is one of Europe’s leading think tanks when it comes to EU questions. Read more here.

Obstecare – Board Member
Obstecare develops technology to improve the delivery care for both the mother and the healthcare provider. This is done by supplying reliable services and products, facilitating efficient care in maternity wards. Read more here

Ideon Innovation – Board Member
Close to the University of Lund lies the entrepreneur’s hub Ideon and Ideon Innovation is the company incubator for the small fast growing companies. Read more here