Bliss (2019)

Bliss begins where the Health Revolution ends. The research around inflammation is growing around the world and Maria Borelius continues to closely follow scientists and gurus to lay the puzzle of how we reach a better version of ourselves. The journey brings her to Wales, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Japan where the women have the highest life expectancy in the world. In Bliss Maria shares the best insider tips on how to create an anti-inflammatory lifestyle in your everyday life, and gives you new shortcuts and simple tips & tricks that really work. Bliss contains 50 anti-inflammatory everyday recipes, exercise programs, food plans, shopping lists and everyday insights. You also get to take part of failures and challenges she’s stumbled upon along the way. Purchase the book here (only available in Swedish).

Health Revolution (2018)

Health Revolution is the incredible story of one woman’s quest to banish depression and fatigue, boost her energy and live a healthier, happier life.

When Maria Borelius’ energy and health started to decline, she decided enough was enough and embarked on a personal journey to transform herself. The results were extraordinary…

Bringing together ground-breaking research from across the globe, the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda and a lifetime of experimentation, this book presents a simple five-step plan to bring out the best version of you. You will look younger, and more importantly, you will feel better.

Through delicious recipes, lifestyle tips, and Maria’s own extraordinary journey, Health Revolution is all you need for a stronger, happier, healthier you. 

Purchase the book! Available in English, Swedish, Danish and Finnish.

Bryt det sista tabut (2013)

On any normal day, 40% of everyone on sick leave are home because their souls are hurting. Yet, we’re still not talking about mental illness. That silence is costing lives and causing shame for those affected and their families. Matter of fact is that it should be just as OK to be depressed as it is to have diabetes. This is what Maria Borelius has written Bryt det sista tabut about, that both has its feet in science but also in her private experiences. Purchase the book here (only available in Swedish). 

Motboken (2002)

Life in front of the computer screen, ketchup with colorants, no exercise in school – what’s happening with our children? Motboken is a book against the rubbish and stress society. It’s filled with new ideas, based in medical research, that makes children and parents feel better. 

Sedan du fött (1993)

This prize winning best seller is a popular scientific book for those of you who have just given birth. It describes the long process from the moment pregnancy is over, up until you start to rediscover your old self. Purchase the book here (only available in Swedish).