(Svenska) Debattartikel i Dagens Samhälle: Entreprenörskap mot utanförskap

The Ester Foundation is nominated to 2014’s Society Entrepreneur and today Dagens Samhälle publishes our debate article. We want to highlight how you can, with rather small measures, make it possible for immigrant women to go from alienation to entrepreneurship.
Our pilot project in the county of Helsingborg has reached outstanding results. Six out of sixteen women have moved on to self employment and the rest to paid labour, qualified internships or studies.
In our debate article we show what lessons we have learnt from the project, how the integration issue can be dealt with and how other counties have to dare take the step.
Tomorrow, Thursday, we’ll find out if we become 2014’s Society Entrepreneur or not. No matter what, these women’s success is a victory for all of us.
Please click here to read our debate article in its full.

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