Tied race in the UK elections

UKs next government will be a coaltion – but which one?
As the final day of campaigning takes place, the red and blue teams are gearing up for a complicated election outcome tomorrow. What I find worrying is that both @SNP and @UKIP are parties of ”us and them”, of division and conflict, and they are gaining ground through tremendous populism. Meanwhile at the ranch, both Conservatives and Labour have to shoulder a more responsible attitude, by creating policies that are actually implementable and can govern a country. Why is Britain even considering leaving the road of being the country of the ”open minded, generous-spirited and compassionate” people former PM John Major talked about yesterday? What will happen to the UK, its relationship with the EU and how will this affect my home country of Sweden?
I will be commenting the general election in Swedish TV (SvT) on election morning and the day after the election (in the morning news). I will also give an election night analysis on public radio (Ekots valvaka) on May 7 at 9pm, and a post election analysis on public radio (Studio Ett) on May 8 at 8pm. In addition, on election day at noon, I’ll be chatting with the readers of Dagens Industry, the daily financial newspapers in Sweden for which I’m also writing a larger post election analysis for Saturday.
Geared up this morning with a good run.

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