Doing business with Big Science facilities

How to do more business with the large Big Science facilities, such as ITER, CERN, ESO and now ESS?

This is the focus of BSN-the Big Science Suppliers Network which I have started together with Mikael Lindholm, CEO Scandinova (picture on left) and Mats Olsson (picture on the right) CEO of Examec, in addition to Martin Kores, CEO Omnisys and colleagues from Lindahls Advokatbyrå and Hexagon. Dagens Industri wrote about our strategic new endeavour. Read the article here.

Yesterday we held our third board meeting at Scandinova Systems outside Uppsala, discussing strategy for the network but also seeing the impressive Scandinova systems, as they create the perfect pulses to power some of the worlds most impressive science and medicine

From particle physics to more precise radiation therapies for cancer patients-this company rocks big time.

As does our network. With now 6 new companies eager to join.

Looking forward to our next steps.

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