Where do we go from here?

So how do you get on with private life after a terrorist attack?

I have learnt a lot after living in Britain for 15 years. You get on with life, just as you have planned it, putting your best foot forward, not loosing one inch in your stride. This is what millions of Londoners did after the Tube bombings of July 2005. They did what? Got down into the Tube the next morning, even as they had lost friends and neighbours, and were crying.

Otherwise, if you let the terrorist frighten you, they have won hands down, without even pointing their gun at you. They have won by moving into your head, by changing your thinking and behaviour, before even moving into your physical sphere. They have won by internalising themselves in your modus operandum.

Sure. There are tears to be shed and lessons to be learned. About national security, international affairs, collaboration and terrorism, about the lack of integration among new Europeans. Amongst other things. But thinking about the larger picture all the time can also be paralyzing.

During the war, the Queen Mother used to put on her best outfits as she went to visit the East End carnage after a nasty bomb attack. Herr Hitler was bloody well going to see that moral was sky high, and the British would take no crap from totalitarian regimes.I suggest we do exactly the same now.

Keep calm. Carry on. Best foot forward.

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