Living Waters Consultancy


Living Waters is a London based consultancy, which believes in making a difference. For real. We are tackling communication and corporate challenges with specialist knowledge in science, business and global development. Sustainable evolution, our mission.

Living Waters helped us win both mindshare and market share through innovative and working strategies”.

Are you:

  • A global pharmaceutical needing help to advocate new therapies
  • A scientific institution in need of business collaboration
  • An academy or institution with a need to raise public profile and funds

We are uniquely positioned to scope projects in the intersection between communications/ PR, science/ technology and Global development, providing valued and trusted advice. Our forte is strategic creative ideas that win minds and market share, and delivers forceful action.

Our methodology is based upon the principle of working in close collaboration with our clients to understand exact needs, ensuring client ownership and participation and deliver out-of-box, highly creative yet efficient and targeted strategic communication solutions, with support through delivery phase.


Our clients come to us to solve complex communicational challenges, and are found among European pharmaceuticals, global energy providers, scientific foundations, research facilities and niched investors. We have so far delivered our services in Europe, US, parts of Africa and Asia.

We support clients with analysis, trusted advice, creative and pragmatic strategies, advocacy and event management.