The Ester Foundation



Ester strengthens women, builds businesses and promotes integration.

The Ester Foundation supports unemployed immigrant women entering into the labour market and starting small businesses. The foundation trains marginalised women in personal leadership, entrepreneurship and marketing, and further links them to relevant microfinance and markets.

The women come from all over the world- Ghana, Iraq, Thailand, Indonesia, Bosnia-and have experienced traumatic upheaval and oppression. In spite of this, they dream of a new life. Ester however is not a traditional charity project, rather a help to self-help training institution, with the goal of the immigrant women starting profitable businesses, entering regular financial institutions and being able to build their lives and new futures after their own head.

 Maria Borelius is the Chairman and one of the co-founders, together with Sofia Altafi, from the Stockholm School of Economics, and Kerstin Thulin, former HR manager for Telenor in Asia.