With knitted vests towards a British future?

The election 2015 came as a big shock for British Labour. From a tied race in the polls, to slaughter at the voting booth. The aftermath was not clear headed analysis of why the battle was lost, but a protraction into the safe zone of even more of the 30 year old well-worn policies.

So is new Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn a threat to Labour and Britain-or a joke or something else? What will he mean for business life, national security and the Government? What about his knitted vests, beard and old battle worn corduroy trousers- is he electable, a kind Grandad or a fanatic?  This, among many other questions, is the topic of this weeks London Pod with Katrine Marcal and me, as we visit The Economist and its top political columnist Bagehot, aka Jeremy Cliffe.

After a short Swedish intro, this pod runs in English.

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