Am in Los Angeles right now, and the town has been crazy with pre-Oscars preparations. Outside our hotelroom construction work went on for days, to set the stage for E-channels Oscars party. Constant drilling and music testing was driving us crazy. But what a show it became. A good and useful one too.
Julianne Moore winning an Oscar for Best Actress in the film ”About Alice” is a great showcase of Hollywood
deciding to use its powers to spotlight a highly stigmatized disease-Alzheimers.
This insightful article in LA Times illustrates Julianne Moore’s delicate acting as she slips into the irreversable disease, where she cannot even recognize her own children.
Are we approaching the stage where diseases of the brain get the same status as somatic diseases?
Not yet. But Moore’s win is a distinct step forward.
Photo: ROBYN BECK/AFP/Getty Images

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