Fit at fifty!

I do get a lot of questions these days. About how I turned my life around, and went from a feeling of growing heaviness after four quick childbirths, looming backache and muffin top/middle age spread and feeling menopausally blue,  to feeling happier, more alert, stronger and more radiant than I have done in many years, with light and good energy to give and love to get.
OK, here are my key life-style gurus.
The elevator version:
  • Anti-inflammatory foods pick you up
  • Inflammtory foods drag you down
  • Weights build a better body
  • Meditation and thankfulness
  • Alcohol-nope
  • Failing to prepare is preparing for failure
Anti-flammatory foods? Que? And how can the same foods be both soulfoods and bodyfoods? Why is weight training absolutely key to the balanced fit at fifty strategy? And what should I be thankful for and isn’t meditattion a selfish inward looking action, as the world is a difficult place and life very tough for most of us? And what does preparing for fitness really mean for a Mum of four, with work and activist engagements in the calendar ? And can a fit-at-fifty strategy encompass glamour with empathy, wisdom and lots of everyday demands?
My key obstacle was seeing through a lot of self-limiting beliefs. That I was not worthy of feeling my best. That looking after me was selfish. That I had to do what others expected of me, rather than what was good for me.
More to come on this ongoing journey.

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