New hope for the brain

Welcome to my new website and blog.

Today British newspapers report on new research, which challenges the old notion of dementia being a genetic curse. This Finnish research shows that a heart-friendly lifestyle is also good for the mind. To keep mental illness and decline at bay, we need to cut our sugars, eat our spinach, chew on those walnuts and grill that oily fish. We need to sweat and exert our bodies. And do cross words or argue about challenging things or learn new things.

It all boils down to fighting inflammation with exercise and the good foods. In addition brain workouts are just as important. The body and minds needs to be challenged daily, to be the gift it was intended to be.

The genes are with us from birth, for good and bad, but good tweaks in lifestyle seem to turn off or tune in certain genetic regions. With the good positive choices we can make the best of what we have. We were made to be challenged physically and mentally, to expand, to be our very best. The body seems to be telling us to use it, or loose it.

What can this mean in our daily lives? This must be up to what works in our private lives- we all have different needs and challenges. For me, today 2 days before Christmas, finishing off a lot of work, this means fitting in: sweat (run in the park), learn (more about websites) and eat well (spinach, salmon, coconut oil and no sugars).

And my daily meditation 🙂

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