Living in a Brexit frenzy

The last weeks have been weird. Trying to support Dagens Industri with analysis and coverage from the frontline of this historic revolution is a challenge. So many strands of revolt are combined into one. Anti-establishment. Anti-Brussels technocracy. Anti-globalisation. Anti-financial elites. So much passion, market turmoil, not to mention the personal tragedies…Not to mention my husband, who at a certain point started calling himself a ”Brexit Widower”, left on his own as I was covering events as they unfolded.

What politicians actually make of the revolt, which storyline wins, will also create Britain’s post EU membership. And the rest of Europe’s. Will Britain remain a liberal, humanistic, free-trading nation or turn inward/downward? Also, how will the EU change as its most vociferous advocate of free-trade and Anglo-Saxon labour market ideals disappears?

My mind is right now focused on who wins the Conservative leadership election, as it will affect the storyline. Also, the financial services single market passport is of uttermost importance to the banking and finance industries in the UK, and thus to UK tax revenue and provision of investment capital to Swedish companies and ventures. And the euro. What will happen to the non-Eurozone countries’ insurance against the built-in majority of Eurozone countries under the single market voting rules? Can Eurozone countries outvote non-Eurozone ones? Will Sweden be forced to join the euro?

I spent last night in Almedalen, Gotland, Sweden, where business people met hacks and politicians, for some kind of post-referendum blues. Panel lead by Max Foster, anchor at CNN in London,  Mats Persson, advisor to David Cameron at 10 Downing Street, David Cairns, British Ambassador to Sweden and Johan Hakelius, Editor-in-Chief to Swedish magazine Fokus. Fantastic panel of very talented people. I quoted East German protest singer Wolf Bierman. ”I can only love what I am free to leave…”.

Here you can also listen to analyses I’ve been doing for Swedish Radio:  

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