Men of power – their dead eyes

Today I write in Dagens Industri about the men of power at the top of fotball.
And they are not alone.
I have seen the same type of faces at other larger multinational institutions, where power brokers sail off into the ether
and stop thinking they have to care about normal rules or other people. Like Dominique Strauss-Kahn, who I met in Washington, and who was never stopped in spite of everyone talking about his sexual violence and harrassments. He sailed around like an untouchable king, and could not even fanthom that a cleaning lady would not appreciate his approaches.
It is not attractive.
And it is costing lives.
Right now one worker dies every two days, in building the Qatari arena for the World Cup in 2022. The extreme heat, the unsafe building constructions, the unsafe labour regulations with bonded labour contracts-all affects ultrapoor migrant workers from Nepal and Bangladesh. I have seen those migrant workers at the airport in Doha.
Faces of total despair.
It is a systematic system of power and corruption,executed by the men of power. But they would not be able to get away with it, were it not for the large sponsor contracts from global corporations.
 Visa, Coca Cola, Mac Donalds and Nike.  These company names are written all over this.
Where are these companies now? Silence.
How can Sepp Blatter still lead the organisation? Bribes.
How comes noone acts, apart from the FBI? The US is apparently still needed as world police.
However, this will change.
The Fifa scandal is drawing nearer Chariman Sepp Blatter, New York Times writes today.

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