The success podcast Hälsorevolutionen

Tired, stressed out, run down to the ground – does life have to be like this? Or is there another path to deeper health, more glow, serenity and vitality? In the podcast Hälsorevolutionen (The health revolution), you will have the latest in international health research, reflected in the old proven health traditions which exist around the world. In the podcast, you will meet people with strong life journeys, and new methods to grasp our life journey stronger and more deeply. A lot of laughter, a lot of knowledge, a lot of inspiration but also room for the deep and difficult in our lives – and the way out. Behind Hälsorevolutionen (the Health Revolution) are Maria Borelius, science journalist, author and biologist and Carina Nunstedt, publisher and producer.

Hälsorevolutionen (the Health Revolution) is one of Sweden’s most popular podcasts in the field of health. A personal inspirational podcast for you who want to live stronger and healthier, with the latest in international health research and holistic health. You will meet life journeys, new health tips, research, gurus, recognition. The topics span everything which affects our physical and mental health; from new trends in health food, to how to create more happiness and human bonds, exercise techniques and ways to reduce stress and find peace in a fast-paced age. The podcast meets everything from physicians to authors, yogis, sober alcoholics, professors, journalists, influencers and healing gurus.

  • We started the podcast because many readers of the book Health Revolution have asked for a podcast, and as a science journalist with extensive experience on both television and radio, it felt like a natural, fun step. This is an ongoing movement, and new research is coming out all the time. But we also try to highlight unique life stories, with guests who use new health techniques to live stronger, says Maria Borelius, presenter and producer.

  • Together with the listeners, we want to explore the new health landscape with an equally critical and curious eye. We host guests who are researchers, physicians, known and unknown health profiles who are with us testing different moments during the journey. We share our lives, our setbacks, lessons and progress, says Carina Nunstedt, the producer and publisher of the podcast.

Carina Nunstedt

CARINA NUNSTEDT (producer and publisher) is the publisher and CEO of Yourlife Books. She has previously been Nordic publishing manager for the book publisher HarperCollins, where she was Maria Borelius’ publisher for the books Hälsorevolutionen (the Health Revolution), Bliss and Awe. Carina began her career as a journalist and editor at Expressen, and then moved on as a magazine entrepreneur at Bonnier, where she started the magazines Mama, Family Living, Yourlife and Books & Dreams. Carina is curious about people’s driving forces and how we can feel better in the stressful times we live in. She herself enjoys yoga, meditation and SUP (stand up paddle board). She lives in Stockholm and in Nice together with her two teenage sons.