Of a sudden it became popular to explain the  weird cruelty and powercrazy ambitions of Vladimir Putin with…surprise, surprise…. Aspergers syndrome. An example can be found here, in USA Today.

This is idiotic, for two reasons.
a) You cannot diagnose people at a distance, read more in the Guardian or in Forbes 
b) People with Asperbers syndrome, and their relatives, are sick and tired of reading about the neurolopsychiatric condition through the prism of murderers, violence and abnormality. Normally, these people struggle just to get out of bed and lead lives that are withdrawn and toned down, as too much social interaction creates worry and tensions. Families fight to support their children into living normal lives, given their special limitations.
Media’s love of explaining cruelty and violence by claiming it is caused by Aspergers increases the stigmatization. It is also factually wrong. Again-examples of lacking scientific knowledge and stigmatization of people who
already are lying down. Also creates some very sad parents and siblings.
Very happy to be Ambassador of Swedish Pscyhiatry Association, which fights stigma around Mental Health Disorders. Here you can read more about us and our work:

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