Episod 1


The last 100 years of Western lifestyle has severely rocked our guts, with too much sugars, gluten and trans fats feeding the gut the wrong way, and too little fibre and fresh foods depleting us of the good bacteria. With inflammation, discomfort and degenerative diseases as consequences.

There are more bacterial cells than human cells within all of us and most of them live in the gut. And now science is showing us that this microbiota is key to our health and wellbeing.

So: happy gut, happy human. But how can we strengthen our internal microbiomes? In 2018 more than 2,400 clinical trials were being conducted on new therapies with the microbiome in focus, meaning this is the new new thing. But what will it mean to us, and what can we do ourselves at home on a regular basis to have a happy gut?

Meet nutritionist, gut warrior and psychotherapist Stephanie Moore, who created the famous gut centric health regime at Grayshott Spa, in the Health Revolution podcast.