Consultant and board assignments

MARIA BORELIUS is an experienced moderator and lecturer and over the years has worked with clients globally, such as the World Bank, the EU Commission, the Swedish Research Council, Ericsson, AstraZeneca, Deloitte and not least smaller start ups, venture capitalists and government institutions. The main focus is on issues related to development of technology, research, life science, and interaction between academia-society-business and global issues.

Maria Borelius is educated at Lund University (bachelor’s degree in biology, physics) and New York University (Master of Science Journalism). She has also studied bioethics and genetic engineering at Oxford University. She has a broad board background from a number of companies, partly larger ones such as Sweco, Active Biotech, Telelogic and Södra Cell as well as a number of start ups.

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MARIA BORELIUS works as a consultant and advisor with a focus on cross-border communication and technology development/research in the area of Big Science. For more information, please contact: