The worlds most fascinating scientific project right now

Tapping into endless energy? Fusionpower has been on the science agenda for over 50 years, but the physical and technical challenges have been endless.
Am currently in Marseille on the large ITER Business Forum, where some 850 representatives from European companies
are exploring business opportunities as fusion energy is gaining momentum.
The gigantic ITER project is now going into operational mode, with the engimatic Tokamak at its core. For a pedagogic lesson
on how it works, see here
An opportunity for businesses to create some fascinating technology, yes. But even more valid are the chances for mankind
to find almost limitless, safe and clean energy. Solar energy in the word’s real sense.
Maybe that is why today half of humanity stands behind this project, as in the EU, US, Japan, China, Korea (yes, the South..) and India.
Also-as an afterthought-this will disempower some frankly unappetising states who right now command the attention on the world stage just because of their geological good luck, as oil and gas happen to exist in geological strata underneath their national boundaries.
You know which ones I am referring too.

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